We understand that documents aren’t just paper – they contain critically important, and often very sensitive and confidential information.

At Consentia we understand that when you give us your business, you also trust us with your information. We don’t take that trust for granted. That is why we:

  • Handle the pickup of information with our own staff – not couriers or trucking companies. Most pickups are done by just our own staff, but all pickups are supervised by our staff.
  • Ensure all staff sign confidentiality agreements
  • Ensure all staff have police background checks
  • Supervise the shredding of documents so we can provide document destruction certificates
  • Transfer information via physical media with clear custody transfer or by our Secure FTP site.
  • Have security cameras in place to monitor our entire building

From the moment we get your data we take appropriate measures to ensure the documents are secure and safe at all times. Trust us – we take security very seriously!

Get Our Security Policy

If you are considering Consentia for your document management needs, we’ll be happy to provide you with a copy of our Security Policy. Just call us to discuss your particular needs and any concerns you may have about security.

Take a Tour

We are happy to give you a tour of our secure facility and discuss our security measures. All you have to do is ask!