When you really care about your customers, providing great support just comes naturally.

At Consentia we really do care about our customers. This starts with taking the time to understand their specific challenges in our initial conversations so that we can provide a service specifically tailored to meet their needs. This sometimes takes the shape of meeting critical deadlines, special handling of documents, extra services like document packing or even IT infrastructure recommendations and design.

That level of care and attention continues through the entire project and after the project is complete. We provide support through long term pricing contracts, project warranty periods, regular pick-up and drop-off of documents, and custom tailored support contracts.

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Custom Tailor Your Support

Call us at 1.780.423.3100 to discuss your specific needs. The call is free, and so is the consultation to provide you with a solution that meets YOUR challenges!

Support is Part of Our Culture

Repeat business and word of mouth referrals are a big part of our success. We know that only happens if we provide a level of support which gives our customers the confidence that working with us is a good experience EVERY time! Call us and we’ll give you the references to back that up!