Consentia Reviews

Paul Bowden

“Now that the work is complete, we are very satisfied with the high level of service and the quality of product received… The quality of the scanned documents was exceptional.”

Doug Olive

M-Files helps manage business process

“Saving documents based on what they are and not where they are is a brilliant idea. The document workflow can take a business process such as invoice payment and completely push an electronic version of the invoice thru our human approval process.”

Treve Clayton

M-Files can do anything

“M-Files is hands down the best document management system I’ve used and been involved with. For the average office worker it is deceptively simple.”

Gary Bennett

A flexible, state of the art DMS

“M-Files is easy to use, offers the latest technology, and it’s very modestly priced for the range of capabilities it offers.”

Lewis Grisby III

M-Files great for a paperless business

“I like that M-Files integrates seamlessly with Windows Office and Outlook email. Try it out. It is worth every penny to implement in a paperless environment.”