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Audio Transcription

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Audio Transcription Services

We transcribe from digital audio and video recordings.

Our specialists will transcribe to best suit your needs, whether verbatim, in abbreviated language or with grammar corrected.

Whatever You Need

We can help with:

  • Research interviews
  • Focus group meetings
  • Legal or law enforcement interviews
  • Author dictation
  • Business Meetings
  • Rental disputes
  • Conference calls

It’s Easy

We make the process very easy for you. You can transfer your digital files to us via physicalmedia or our secure FTP site. We will then return to you the electronic document files via SFTP,encrypted USB memory stick, CD/DVD, or simply a paper copy. Whatever works best for you!

We accept payment by credit card or can invoice a business. We take pride in providing the level of service and confidentiality our customers have come to expect.

Special RTDRS Services

Consentia is able to provide easy, seamless, and hassle free voice-to-text transcriptions.

If you are in need of a transcript of an RTDRS proceeding, we’ll handle all the interactions, including picking up the recordings. We can send you the created documents by a secure FTP site, deliver the documents, and accept all payments by credit card. We are even able to invoice a business, whatever works best!

About Consentia

Our team is trusted to deal with important and confidential information such as medical records,accident reports, and public company financial information.

Consentia has been helping businesses and government departments go paperless since 1971.As one of the largest scanning services providers in Western Canada we use best practices for the scanning of documents, and know the importance of security in handling both paper documents and electronic images. We take great pride in the quality of our work and in our ability to provide turnkey solutions for document management, scanning, data entry, and transcription.

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Offices in Calgary and Edmonton
Phone: 1.866.619.7226

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