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Organization of Information Impacts Financial Performance

How many times have you or someone else you work with said “Someday I’m going to get organized.”? Unfortunately, although many people feel frustrated and a little out of control because the information they need is hard to find, most people feel powerless to make a meaningful change. The value of the time wasted in looking for information is large enough to show up on the balance sheet of any organization which has not equipped their staff with technology that can improve business efficiencies.

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This guide for the millions of businesses that have yet to realize the benefits of digital document management, and as a result, have an enormous opportunity to improve their efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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If you are familiar with Windows applications, then you essentially already know how to use M-Files. Your staff will be up and running with it almost immediately, and soon you’ll wonder how you ever operated without it. There’s more good news – most of our clients can have a system up and running for them very quickly. Our implementation projects timelines are measured in days, not weeks or months.

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PSIGEN’s software PSI:Capture provides the ability to capture information off the printed page and automatically convert that information into data that can be inserted into other systems. This automated data capture reduces errors and eliminates the low value task of manually entering data. Keep your high value staff performing high value work!

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DocLogix is a leading document and process management solution serving more than 300 clients across the globe. DocLogix’s product portfolio includes: office documents management, contract management, HR management, project documentation management, procurement management, meeting management and other ready to use apps. All of these out-of-the-box apps are built on the top-class work-flow driven document management platform - DocLogix.

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