Transform your business for the digital world with a more intuitive and flexible solution in Document and Digital Asset Management


Contexture can receive and set documents in various formats including email, webform, apps, fax, or scan with professional-grade equipment.



All documents are organized and categorized to your specifications and prepared for processing, so you never have to chase down a missing file again.



Contexture ensures the highest quality for your documents. Once indexed, your data is then processed and can now be redacted, rescanned, notated, split, cloned and deleted to meet your custom requirements.



Preserving important information within your documents is vital. Export your files with their original data to any enterprise content repository such as Sharepoint, OpenTax or Alfresco.



Need to keep physical records of your documents? They can be retained for as long as you require, and can also be properly disposed of once you no longer need them.


Work Seamlessly with Powerful Features

Contexture gives you all the right tools you need to manage your documents quicker and conveniently.

Asset Management

Whether you just need your documents digitized or need to store the physical copies, Contexture stores your documents safely and securely.


Simplify and speed up workflows with automated templates to print assets like client letters, header sheets, order forms and more.


Every business is different, Contexture can serve on it’s own or seamlessly integrate with existing business processes your business is already operating.


Managing multiple documents for one task can get time consuming and disorganized. Stay on top of your files with document bundling to keep them in one secure folder.

Quality Assurance

Know your data is accurate with in-house quality assurance checks that review and confirm accuracy for all your documents.


Using digital signatures? Contexture integrates with existing platforms to manage all your digital signatures seamlessly.

Security Matters

Contexture uses only local Canadian servers, and utilizes third party security checks and implements standard defense protocols including Transport Layer Security (TLS), Internal Application Encryption, AES-256 Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, Permissions and Access Control.

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