How automated is your invoicing processes?

Without automation, manual invoice entry is always at risk for human error. With every mistake comes wasted time, money, and slowing down of the invoice timeline.

Automation of Invoice Processes

40% of companies still do not have a continuity plan in place.
89% of small to mid-market enterprises still receive paper invoices
86% of businesses continue to process invoices manually.
38% of AP teams say bottlenecks are caused by manual processes.

Costs in Processing Invoices

$15+ per invoice is the average cost in manually processing invoices
400+ hours per month spent on processing invoices manually
$12,000 per month is spent on average by businesses in administrative costs, fees, and other resources

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On average, processing invoices manually is costing businesses an estimated $15 per invoice. See how much your business may be spending for yourself.

$18,000 / month

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