Accounts Payable Automation

The intelligent-software solution to streamline your AP workflow

Evolve away from manual invoice processing with accounts payable automation.
Key Benefits
How It Works
Eliminate physical storage. Reclaim operational costs. Process faster and more accurately.
Fewer mistakes means less time wasted

Eliminate manual processing and eliminate human errors. With AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technology means accurate processing and no more playing detective in tracing and resolving errors.

Save on costs and give your margins a well-earned boost

Reducing errors allows you to reduce on costly resources, time, and money. Making the switch to automating invoices provides you the flexibility to scale and reallocate resources more efficiently.

Stay ahead and avoid being late

With blazing processing speed in AP automation you can process invoices quicker giving you the opportunity to strengthen supplier relationships–maybe even take advantage of early-payment discounts.

Safeguard records and fade away from paper dependency

Digitizing your invoices protects your records from natural vulnerabilities. Making your invoice records digital means managing payment processes just a whole lot simpler.

Liberate Your Workflow

Put focus back into your core business. Free yourself away from tedious tasks and bottlenecks of manually processing of invoices. Our full-service solution eliminates human errors and discrepancies, giving you back the freedom to advance your business and resources to where you want and how you want.

Our key advantages include:

  • Auto-learning capabilities and feedback

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for accurate data recognition

  • Enhanced-image optimization

  • Cloud-based management

  • Process all document types and formats (spreadsheets, images, logos, etc.)

  • Multi-level data security protection

  • Advanced monitoring and analytical tools

  • Compatible integration (UiPath, BluePrism, Pega, Appian, M-Files, and Laserfiche)

  • Multi-document processing for both paper and digital formats

  • Quick and minimal setup required

  • Remote accessibility and management


Did You Know?

Consentia uses a leading-edge proprietary portal to create an accessible interface between our clients and our A/P team, allowing for real time adjustments and approvals; reducing processing time, bottlenecks and enhancing workflows.

Accounts Payable Solutions

Outsourcing your company’s A/P can provide cost and time savings. Expand your controls, visibility and tracking to improve the monthly financial closing process.

We provide you with an efficient and secure process which comes down to 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Invoices are received

Consentia’s A/P team receives invoices via email, physical mail, or directly over our server from vendors.

Step 2: Digitization begins based on your requirements

Using the customized conditions set out by the client, we digitize invoices for specified content. Any variances are sent to the client via our portal to verify, validate or delete (i.e. duplicate invoices, un-authorized vendors, non-approved over cost parameter, etc.).

Step 3: Complete information sent back

Once the invoices have been processed the required (and approved) information is sent to the client’s predetermined receiving systems (financial, enterprise content etc.). Track purchase orders and invoices with ease as your processing cycle becomes shortened and simplified.


Taking your accounts payable process off your hands allows you to reduce the burden of lower value work on your staff and eliminate paper.

Other benefits include:

  • Shorten your process cycles – our team is experienced to handle all levels of demands
  • Improve your month end financial close
Accounts Receivables
Other Solutions

Accounts Receivables Solutions

Outsourcing your company’s A/R can save cost and time. We provide you with an efficient and secure process which comes down to 3 simple steps.

Identify Customer List

Work with clients to identify and understand outstanding customer accounts and order of importance. 

Make Initial Contact

Go through contact information, be creative in reaching customers, and start a dialogue. 

Create Resolution Plan

Being one of Western Canada’s largest service bureaus known for professionalism and confidentiality, our Customer Engagement team is an effective solution to reaching agreements and resolving overdue accounts. We can prevent late payments from becoming a problem and improve your cash flow.


Accounts receivable processes can involve a document-heavy burden for your staff, especially during month’s end. Outsourcing allows for these processes to close quickly and accurately.

Other benefits include:

  • Quicker access to critical documents as upcoming demands arise
  • Centralized repository of information of collections for simple, single-source access
Accounts Payable

Our Services

Working Capital Cycle
Data Entry
Microfilm and Microfiche
Enterprise Content Management
Information & Security Compliance
Consentia operates in compliance with:
  • FOIP: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • PIPEDA: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
  • ISMD: Information Security Management Directives to which we are routinely audited by the Alberta Government.
Our Facility
Consentia operates in a secure worksite:
  • The service bureau is under area lockdown; all workspaces are behind double locked doors.
  • Materials do not leave the designated area, disk and thumb drives are disabled, internet function is removed from all computers not requiring upload/download ability, and files are sent on an internal network.
  • Every employee has signed an NDA and has passed a criminal record check.

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For over 45 years Consentia has been helping organizations transform to an increasingly digital world.  We capture digital data, documents, and automate business processes. We’ve leveraged our experience to provide customized business process outsourcing services to improve our client’s operating efficiencies.  We make knowledge work.

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