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Consentia has been helping our clients convert data into useful information for decades. We’ve become an industry leader because of our comprehensive offering.


Data entry does not always have to be the brute force manual process it once was. Using the latest in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) technology we can often automatically capture data from documents with no manual data entry. This eliminates the risk of human error, reduces costs, and provides faster project completion.

By using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) technology we can provide our clients with almost immediate access to their information without the need or risks associated with transferring data on physical media such as memory sticks, CDs, or DVDs. All of these physical formats are available, but are not essential for data transfer.

Data can be structured to be available in virtually any format desired so the data can be imported into whatever system is being used to make it useful and valuable.


Consentia takes the security of information very seriously. Our facility and infrastructure is regularly audited by an independent auditor to meet the exacting requirements of the Government of Alberta. When not being worked on, client documents are kept behind two sets of locked doors, one of which requires an access card, and one which requires the use of a combination, which is changed regularly.

Most of our physical client documents are kept in a file storage room with a pre-action overhead sprinkler system which prevents unnecessary water damage in the event of a fire elsewhere in the building.

All data entry work is performed in Canada by staff who have passed a police background check, who follow our

documented security and privacy procedures, who regularly receive updated training on security and privacy, and have signed confidentiality agreements in place.

For some projects we restrict work done and information held to a network with no connectivity to the outside world. Even our network infrastructure is implemented and supported by our own IT personnel with the same background checks and security training.


We offer a number of ways to ensure our work is performed with a high level of accuracy, and work with our clients to determine which will be best for their needs.

  • Using experienced data entry personnel with a history of high performance
  • Creating a quality control procedure for each project, which includes auditing a percentage of work completed
  • Using double pass entry, often by different data entry operators. Software compares the entries and flags any differences requiring correction.
  • Using OCR technology to eliminate human error where possible


At Consentia we pride ourselves on tailoring our solutions to meet the needs of each project and each client. Some of the specific ways we do that include:

  • We have the ability to perform the work at the client site or the Consentia office.
  • We can enter the data into our own secure systems, or by connecting to our client systems and entering data directly into their systems.
  • Our pricing can be based on piece work, a fixed project price, or be provided at hourly rates to accommodate what is best for the client and the project.
  • We have a large staff available to allow us to scale up to handle large projects or rush assignments. We deliver in the timeframe needed by our clients.
  • We can provide an electronic, scanned copy of forms in addition to the data on the forms. This allows our clients to maintain an electronic record of the raw data in addition to the information created through the data entry process.


With this comprehensive approach to data entry, Consentia is the data entry partner of choice for large scale government projects, university research departments, and corporations.

&Our team is trusted to deal with important and confidential information such as medical records, accident reports, and public company financial information.

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