Solutions for Energy Companies

Cut back on storage costs while improving security and accessibility. Get more value from your data and documents with dynamic digital formats

  1. Blueprint & Diagram Scanning

    Turn bulky, delicate oversized maps, blueprints, and diagrams into high-resolution digital images that are easier to store and preserve.

  2. Archival Scanning

    Convert your paper and microfilm records into efficient digital documents to save money on storage costs and improve information security.

  3. Document Storage

    Free up space in your offices and facilities by moving your physical documents to our secure storage facility right here in Edmonton.

How We Help

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    Enhance your document management, security, and efficiency with one solution.

    Streamline your operation with advanced digital systems.

    The energy industry’s present and future is in sophisticated computerized systems and equipment; not tedious, cumbersome paper files. Every year, more and more firms are switching to fully digital information systems, enhancing their collection, organization, and storage of critical data.

    Paper documents can feel secure and familiar as the conventional medium for information. In reality, dependence on paper can be a major setback for your operation, keeping you behind competitors with streamlined digital systems.

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    Turning Blueprints into PDFs: Oversize Scanning

    Here’s how we help companies and organizations transform large, delicate maps and blueprints into high-resolution digital images:

    1. Files Arrive

      Large maps and diagrams are received by our service bureau and indexed to confirm every file is accounted for.

    2. Preparation

      Our experienced scanning specialists carefully unroll and flatten each file so it’s ready to scan, taking great care to avoid folding or damaging it.

    3. Scanning

      Once the scanning expert has confirmed the identity of the file to be scanned, they carefully feed it into the oversize scanner, transforming it into a high-resolution image.

    4. Quality Control

      After the scan is complete, the clerk reviews the digital copy to find any inconsistencies between it and the original, rescanning the document if any are found.

    5. Upload

      Complete and verified image copies are returned to the client via SFTP or removable storage.


    • Better Accessibility: Can be accessed securely from anywhere and viewed on a computer monitor instantly instead of taking up an entire desk.
    • Better Preservation: Digital copies can be duplicated instantly and for free, allowing you to store as many backups as you want across multiple devices rather than risking physical damage every time they’re opened.
    • Better Storage: Digital documents take up almost no storage space in your own devices and even less in a cloud storage server. Keep every document in one centralized digital location.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have any questions? Here are some that have been asked before about our work and with other energy companies.

    How do you keep client files safe, confidential, and secure while processing them?

    Information security is our highest priority. We maintain multiple redundant layers of digital and physical security, including (but not limited to) double-locked doors, 24/7 onsite security, air-gapped digital storage, various types of encryption, and a dedicated IT support team. We undergo regular independent security audits and meet or exceed all of the security requirements laid out by the Government of Alberta. Click here to learn more about how we keep your information safe.

    I’m not sure where to begin, do you offer consultations?

    Yes! One of our digitization experts would be happy to speak with you, just click here to get in touch with us about your needs.

    My business’s needs are unique; can your services be customized?

    Yes! All of our solutions are custom-built to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements.

    Do you offer cloud storage solutions?

    Our information and technology experts are very experienced in developing, maintaining, and working with cloud storage systems. We can help you choose the right service to suit your needs, guide your business through the adoption of a new cloud storage system, or custom-build a cloud storage portal unique to your organization. Click here to learn more about our cloud storage solutions.

    How would digitization benefit my firm?

    Digital files can be stored, secured, and organized more securely and efficiently than paper files, and they’re also easier to access and duplicate. A business built on digital information infrastructure is more resilient, efficient, and flexible than one that relies on outdated paper and microfilm formats.

    Do you offer microfilm conversion services?

    Yes, we utilize rare, sophisticated microfilm scanning equipment to efficiently turn reels of microfilm and sheets of microfiche into detailed digital images. Click here to learn more about our services.

    Can you scan large blueprints and diagrams?

    Yes! Our scanning experts can transform bulky, delicate paper diagrams and maps into high-resolution digital images that are easier to preserve, protect, and access.

    Are digital records legally valid?

    Yes, our processes all meet and exceed the federal government of Canada’s requirements for legally valid digitization of official records. The digital copies we provide you with at the end of the scanning process become the official legal versions of your documents, and we can provide a complete audit trail for every document we process.

    Still have a question for us? If you have something else you’d like to ask, contact us and we’d be happy to chat!

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    Access your data seamlessly with the right tools 

    Our digitization solution allows you to free up essential time that can be spent in higher level work and expedite tedious processes.

    Records Management

    Take more control of your information by freeing yourself from the limitations of physical documents. Digital documents are easier to store, secure, access, and share and can be instantly transformed into whichever format you prefer.


    Digital documents are easier to store, secure, and organize, making compliance with records management regulations easy.

    User Permissions

    With user permissions, access to digital documents can be restricted to specific individuals with the right clearance, ensuring that nothing ends up in the wrong hands.


    No courier? No problem! Collect signatures from partners and clients by simply sending them a secure digital contract instead of waiting for it to be delivered by hand.

    Digital Security

    Digital files offer many ways to keep your documents secure and confidential, from protected formats to encrypted cloud storage. Keep your information private and secure while still improving accessibility and efficiency.

    Remote Access

    Your teams probably aren’t all in one place, so it doesn’t make sense for your documents to be stuck in one physical location. Get instant access to your files from anywhere in the world, whenever you need. 

    We take security very seriously.

    We only use local Canadian servers and implement standard security protocols like Transport Layer Security (TLS), Internal Application Encryption, AES-256 Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, and more. We undergo regular third-party audits to ensure our process meets or exceeds the requirements of federal digitization and security regulations.


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