Solutions for Financial Services

Our secure and streamlined custom scanning and document management solutions enable financial organizations to harness the full value of their information through the power of digital technology.
  1. Mailroom Services

    By sorting and digitizing your incoming mail all in one place, we can make your mail processing a seamless transition from the reception of physical documents to centralized digital storage.

  2. Day-Forward Scanning

    Seamlessly integrate scanning into existing business processes to leverage the advantages of digital technology and improve operational efficiency.

  3. Forms Processing

    Our data entry experts can help you extract and aggregate the information in paper forms, giving your team members more time and energy to spend on other tasks.

  4. Data Extraction & Automation

    Using AI, we can help improve your workflows up to 90% by intelligently processing and organizing your important financial documents.

Banking Solutions

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    Banking Solutions: How We Can Help

    Here’s a brief snapshot of how we helped a Canadian National bank implement a reliable day-forward scanning process for their teller notes, bringing the dispute resolution process down from multiple business days to mere minutes.

    1. Receiving Teller Documents

      Boxes of teller notes are delivered to our facility daily, where they are marked and organized for preparation.

    2. Preparing Information for Scanning

      Our scanning experts unpack and prepare the documents for scanning, removing staples, paper clips, and folds that would get caught in the scanner. The prepared batches are then organized by blotter and made ready to scan.

    3. Scanning & Indexing

      Prepared teller blotters are scanned and then automatically indexed by our advanced software, creating an organized library of digital copies.

    4. Uploading to the Database

      Digital copies are then uploaded to the client’s database, where they can be accessed quickly and securely from any branch in the country. 

    The Outcome
    • Faster dispute resolution process

    • Faster and easier retrieval of information

    • Reduced storage and filing costs

    We created a seamless process for tracking invoices and teller notes.

    Organize your data your way

    Our scanning services help our clients realize more business value with efficient solutions to automate and enhance business processes.

    Your data is crucial not only to you but to every one of your clients and their businesses. That’s why we prioritize security and efficiency in everything we do so you can digitize your information without worrying about added delays or security risks.

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    Optimize Your Financial Processing with AI

    In the fast-paced world of financial services, precise document management is essential for maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring accurate financial transactions. Financial institutions handle a myriad of documents, including account statements, loan agreements, financial reports, and compliance documents, among others. Consentia’s document automation services offer tailor-made solutions to efficiently process both structured and unstructured financial documents.

    Whether you need to extract account details, transaction information, or regulatory data, our advanced AI technology is adept at the task. Unsure if you need to extract financial data? Documents such as loan agreements and financial reports often contain critical financial information requiring extraction. By automating data extraction, Consentia’s services empower financial institutions to streamline document processing workflows, enhance compliance, and improve operational efficiency. 

    We can work with the following document including, but not limited to:

    Funding Requests
    Loan Amortization Schedules

    Don’t see the document type you’re looking for? Contact us and one of our experts will be able to discuss options.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have any questions? Here are some that have been asked before about our work and with the financial services and banking industry.

    How do you keep client files safe, confidential, and secure while processing them?

    Information security is our highest priority. We maintain multiple redundant layers of digital and physical security, including (but not limited to) double-locked doors, 24/7 onsite security, air-gapped digital storage, various types of encryption, and a dedicated IT support team. We undergo regular independent security audits and meet or exceed all of the security requirements laid out by the Government of Alberta. Click here to learn more about how we keep your information safe.

    I’m not sure where to begin, do you offer consultations?

    Yes! One of our digitization experts would be happy to speak with you, just click here to get in touch with us about your needs.

    My business’s needs are unique; can your services be customized?

    Yes! All of our solutions are custom-built to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements.

    Do you offer cloud storage solutions?

    Our information and technology experts are very experienced in developing, maintaining, and working with cloud storage systems. We can help you choose the right service to suit your needs, guide your business through the adoption of a new cloud storage system, or custom-build a cloud storage portal unique to your organization. Click here to learn more about our cloud storage solutions.

    How would scanning benefit my business and my clients?

    By converting your paper documents into digital files, you can improve your efficiency by cutting unnecessary storage costs and processing client information faster. Digital files are also easier to secure and protect, ensuring your business’s and your clients’ information stays safe and confidential.

    Do you offer scanning services for large archival projects?

    Yes, we offer scanning solutions for any type of project, including entire archives. Whether you need one hundred pages scanned or one million, we’re here to help.

    Do you offer managed service solutions?

    Yes, we offer turnkey solutions for managed services like mailroom processing or document support. Get in touch with one of our experts today and find out how we can help.

    Are digital records legally valid?

    Yes, our processes all meet and exceed the federal government of Canada’s requirements for legally valid digitization of official records. The digital copies we provide you with at the end of the scanning process become the official legal versions of your documents, and we can provide a complete audit trail for every document we process.

    What if my institution’s files are spread out over multiple locations?

    We offer mailroom processing and other managed services to sort and digitize your internal mail, seamlessly converting documents sent from each branch into digital documents that can be accessed instantly from any location.

    What if I want to digitize my files, but still need physical versions of contracts and other documents?

    We tailor all of our solutions to meet your specific needs as efficiently as possible, including any arrangements required to ensure certain documents are not digitized until you no longer need them in hard copy. We can also store your contracts and other documents which need to remain in paper formats as part of your customized solution.

    Still have a question for us? If you have something else you’d like to ask, contact us and we’d be happy to chat!

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    Our digitization solution allows you to free up essential time that can be spent in higher level work and expedite tedious processes.

    Asset Management

    Digital documents are easier to store, secure, access, and share and can be instantly transformed into many different digital formats.


    Compared to physical documents, digital documents are easier to store, secure, and organize, making compliance with records management legislation simple and easy.


    Managing multiple documents for one task can get time consuming and disorganized. Stay on top of your files with document bundling to keep them in one secure folder.


    No courier? No problem! Collect signatures by simply sending a secure digital contract instead of waiting for it to be delivered by hand.

    User Permissions

    With user permissions, access to digital documents can be restricted to specific individuals with the right clearance.

    Remote Access

    No need to let your documents be tied to a physical location. Get instant access to your files from anywhere and anytime.

    We take security very seriously

    Consentia uses only local Canadian servers, and utilizes third party security checks and implements standard defense protocols including Transport Layer Security (TLS), Internal Application Encryption, AES-256 Encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication, Permissions and Access Control.


    Here are some articles to help you better understand some of the work we do.

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