Microfilm & Microfiche

Bring past film and archival documents to the present with digital conversion

Set free the valuable content trapped in microfilm and microfiche with our digital conversion solutions. Protect past contents. Access and search conveniently. Make them forever.
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Microfilm and microfiche are a thing of the past. But the older your data is, sometimes the more important it is to preserve. Let us help you prevent your information from getting lost due to time.

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Safeguard the past by bringing it to the present

Protect your valuable contents stored in microfilm and microfiche. Converting these formats into digital provides you the assurance that your content is eluding vulnerabilities to damage or being lost.

Recapture, recover, and relieve history trapped in obsolescence

Technology to view microfilm and microfiche have become obsolete. By transforming archival documents to digital allows you to convenience to view images and content on any of our today’s devices.

Find and share easier, faster

Rummaging through labels and containers of documents just isn’t ideal in today’s world. With a simple search you can find the content you need and share or send them to whomever you like.

Convert a single format to any flexible form

Convert your microfilm and microfiche content into any format you want. Whether it is in PDF, JPEG, or PNG, you have the flexibility to do more with your content.

Experienced Conversion Experts

Our team provides microfilm and microfiche conversion with experience from education and government institutions. With our equipment, we are able to save old and potentially degrading data stored many years ago on film. Much like our scanning work, Consentia meets CGSB and ISO standards which makes us the document conversion business of choice for the Government of Alberta.

Whether your requirements are large involving backfile conversion, immediate day forward scanning, or smaller ad hoc requirements, our experts are here to help provide the best solution for your needs.

Help your business with:

  • Remote and digital access
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Disaster-proof your business from physical threats outside of your control
  • Prevent loss of information and degradation
  • Fast scanning and archive writing to protect your valuable information
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Did You Know?

Almost all stored microfiche over 30 years old have already started to degrade? Every instance of opening and closing your containers exponentially increases the damage done on your data.

Recapture Relevancy of Content in Your Microfilm and Microfiche

Transform lost moments, vintage photos, and libraries of historical content to be rediscovered.
  • Readily-available technology to convert 16mm and 35mm to digital

  • Full-scale auditing process for optimizing image quality

  • Output into any digital formats (JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc.) and delivery methods

  • Indexing and cataloging of digital image files

  • Fast, secure, and convenient courier services

  • High-security and confidential practices (see Information & Security Compliance below)

Information & Security Compliance
Consentia operates in compliance with:
  • FOIP: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • PIPEDA: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
  • ISMD: Information Security Management Directives to which we are routinely audited by the Alberta Government.
Our Facility
Consentia operates in a secure worksite:
  • The service bureau is under area lockdown; all workspaces are behind double locked doors.
  • Materials do not leave the designated area, disk and thumb drives are disabled, internet function is removed from all computers not requiring upload/download ability, and files are sent on an internal network.
  • Every employee has signed an NDA and has passed a criminal record check.

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