Data Entry

Transform and process your paper records and forms from ink to digital

Get more documents processed more accurately with our data entry solutions.
Key Benefits
How It Works
Reduce errors. Take back time. Reclaim costs and resources.
We take pride in being precise

From words to numbers our experienced team consists of sharpshooters that can interpret and input any data with precision.


We’re not just precise but precisely fast. Our team is continuously evolving to discover new methods and processes to ensure both accuracy and speed are being met without sacrificing one or the other.

Lessen the burden

Relieve the pain of tedious tasks and reallocate your organization’s resources. Let our team carry the load and take on any volume of documents you may have.

Storage & Organization

Eliminate vulnerability of documents and annoying storage pains. Digitizing records and forms means forever along with whenever and however.

Outsource Your Data Weight

Outsource your data entry load onto us. 

Make accessing your project files and records instant, remote, and simple. Our solutions can be customized to your needs whether it is immediate day-forward scanning or converting documents into specific formats. 

We are professionally trained and experienced to work with an array of various industries and documents. Of the many we work with these include:

  • Client files and records

  • Sales records and transactions

  • Human resource files

  • Construction plans

  • Medical patient documents

  • Academic files and records

  • Legal caseloads and documents

  • Banking/Financial records

How It Works

Consentia is specialized in two areas of data entry to help with turning physical data into digital form:

Complex Data Entry: Our Data Entry team has over 20 years’ experience, with team leads overseeing accuracy with specialized Quality Assurance process audits, and Quality Control audits for final product – guaranteeing 98.9% accuracy.

Automated Data Capture: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is customized programming created to recognize and locate data fields, collect the appropriate data and enter it into the client’s receiving program. Our IT team oversees this process, with routine audits by a Data Entry team lead.

Our Outsourcing Services

Accounts Payable
Data Entry
Microfilm and Microfiche
Enterprise Content Management
Information & Security Compliance
Consentia operates in compliance with:
  • FOIP: Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • PIPEDA: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
  • ISMD: Information Security Management Directives to which we are routinely audited by the Alberta Government.
Our Facility
Consentia operates in a secure worksite:
  • The service bureau is under area lockdown; all workspaces are behind double locked doors.
  • Materials do not leave the designated area, disk and thumb drives are disabled, internet function is removed from all computers not requiring upload/download ability, and files are sent on an internal network.
  • Every employee has signed an NDA and has passed a criminal record check.

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