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Information is a valuable resource that is sitting on paper, that we make come alive. Transforming data into intellectual property that drives your business is fundamental to ours.

We know and understand the inner workings of business 
across industries and borders. Dedicated to smart growth, our team is a progressive leader
 in business processes, data organization, and security on 
Canadian soil.

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Let us help accelerate your business today by having our experts engage with your company and see how we can enhance your business processes. We are always happy to provide a formal presentation to your team on any of our product offerings and services and an initial analysis of your business. Contact us today.


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To keep up to date with today’s accelerating and vast information industry, read some of the latest articles that affect your business.

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82% of Employees Report Poor Information Management is Damaging Productivity in the Workplace

Poor information management processes are making jobs harder for staff and reducing their productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

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Tim Cook: It’s time for the shadowy world of data brokers to end

The Apple CEO is calling on Congress to give Americans more control over their data.

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Collecting Data Is Easy — The Value Is In Connecting The Dots

The transformation of data and its nature in today’s economy and how businesses can better leverage it.

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For over 45 years Consentia has been helping organizations transform to an increasingly digital world.  We capture digital data, documents, and automate business processes. We’ve leveraged our experience to provide customized business process outsourcing services to improve our client’s operating efficiencies.  We make knowledge work.

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