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The way organizations manage information is evolving, and we are driving the way information is being accessed, controlled, and delivered—regardless of source or formats (paper documents and records, electronic files, audio, video, and images). 

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Document Imaging and Scanning 

With 75% of businesses pledging to depend less on paper, only one third has followed through. On average, knowledge workers working with paper-based documents claim they spend half their time looking for or trying to retrieve information. 

Our digital transformation solutions are helping businesses convert paper documents, records, and hard copy files for a more efficient delivery of their most important information. 

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Accounts Payable Automation
Eliminate manual invoice processes with a completely automated solution for small to large businesses.


Data Entry
Make information more accessible and organized with our experienced data entry team and services.


Cloud-Based Minute Books
Transform hard-copy legal entities into digital documents and manage them with ease.


Microfilm & Microfiche Conversion
Preserve microfilm and microfiche by converting them into digital formats.


Customized Content Management
Build a customized solution to manage your information and data with our Contexture application.


Why clients choose to work with us

Security is Priority
We ensure complete confidentiality and security with all client information and data stored in a local, highly secure server and physical files never leaving our service bureau. 

Flexible Solutions
We know there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to clients’ needs. We offer flexible arrangements depending on each project, be it small or large. Our digital files can also be delivered in an assortment of formats.

Utmost Quality Control
Our service bureau takes serious pride in assuring absolute accuracy of all our solutions including document scanning, imaging, data entry, and microfilm/microfiche conversion. 

Experience Speaks for Itself
For 50 years, our client portfolio is comprised from government departments to grocery retailers, all with rigorous quality and security protocols. You can trust our experienced team is diverse in working with various industries.  

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