Revolutionizing Operations for a Staffing Company with Consentia’s Digitization Solutions

Client Background

A local leading staffing agency based in Edmonton, Alberta, faced significant challenges in managing its extensive paperwork and operational processes. With a vast volume of documents ranging from candidate resumes to client agreements, the company grappled with inefficient manual processes, hindering its ability to provide timely support to clients. Seeking a solution to streamline their operations and enhance client satisfaction, they partnered with Consentia, a trusted provider of digitization and data management solutions.


Manual Paperwork: The reliance on manual paperwork processes led to inefficiencies and delays in candidate placement and client servicing. Historically, the company has been around for 25+ years and also had documents that required digital archiving.

Inefficient Document and Information Retrieval: Locating and accessing specific documents from paper archives was time-consuming and prone to errors, impacting operational efficiency. In addition, digital paperwork from clients and workers often requires human intervention to discern details in particular input fields. 

Lack of Integration: Disjointed workflows due to information lags and communication gaps hindered collaboration and responsiveness to client needs. This impacted the speed at which the company could source qualified workers for clients.

The Solution

Consentia collaborated closely with this company to address its challenges and deliver a comprehensive digitization solution tailored to its unique challenges rooted in its handling of its data:

Document Scanning and Conversion: Consentia deployed state-of-the-art document scanning technologies capable of high-speed, high-resolution scanning. Each document, ranging from resumes to contracts, was meticulously scanned and converted into digital formats such as PDFs or searchable text files. Advanced image processing techniques were employed to ensure clarity and readability of scanned documents.

Data Extraction and Indexing with AI: Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, Consentia implemented a sophisticated data extraction system working in conjunction with document scanning. This system automatically analyzed scanned documents to identify and extract key data points relevant to the company’s operations. 

For example, AI algorithms were trained to recognize candidate information such as names, contact details, skills, and work experience from resumes. Similarly, client details, contract terms, and payment information were extracted from client agreements and contracts. This AI-powered data extraction process significantly reduced manual data entry efforts and improved accuracy, ensuring that critical information was readily available for decision-making and process automation.

Workflow Integration: Consentia seamlessly integrated the digitized documents and extracted data into the company’s existing workflows and systems. This involved customizing integration solutions to interface with the company’s applicant tracking system (ATS), client relationship management (CRM) software, and accounting systems. 

For example, candidate information extracted from resumes was automatically populated into the ATS, enabling recruiters to quickly search, filter, and match candidates to job requirements. In addition, workers with time-sensitive certifications that required renewals were also flagged as reminders and played an integral part in aligning with date-related work periods. Similarly, client agreements and contract terms were synchronized with the CRM and accounting systems to facilitate client onboarding and payment processing workflows.

The Outcome

Increased Operational Efficiency: By digitizing documents and automating data extraction, the company experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency. Manual paperwork processes were streamlined, reducing the time and effort required for tasks such as candidate sourcing, client onboarding, and payment processing.

Cost Savings: The automation of data extraction and streamlining of workflows resulted in tangible cost savings. By reducing manual labour and minimizing errors associated with manual data entry, the company optimized resource utilization and improved overall productivity. The solution provided hours saved that were reallocated towards value-enhancing activities such as business development and relationship management.

Enhanced Client Support: With faster access to candidate information and streamlined communication channels, the staffing company was able to provide more responsive and personalized support to its clients. Timely dispatch of workers, accurate invoicing, and transparent communication improved client satisfaction and strengthened long-term client relationships.

Improved Decision-Making: The availability of accurate and up-to-date data facilitated better decision-making processes. Recruiters and managers had access to comprehensive insights into candidate profiles, client preferences, and operational performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. When facing complex or unique client requirements, they can rely on their organized data to find ideal job candidates.

Scalability and Future-Readiness: Consentia’s solutions provided the company with a scalable platform for future growth and technological advancements. The company was well-positioned to adapt to evolving business needs and market demands, ensuring long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

“Consentia’s solutions, powered by AI, have revolutionized our operations. By streamlining paperwork processes and automating data extraction, we can now provide faster support to our clients and deliver exceptional service. Internally, it has also allowed us to communicate better across departments.”

General Manager

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