COVID has turned our world – and our workplaces – upside-down. Many have now transitioned to working from home to minimize the risk of infection. Whether you love remote work – emailing in pajamas, anyone? – or hate it, this new working mode has revealed serious inefficiencies with company paperwork.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the sinking feeling of not having the paperwork you need to complete a task. Or worse, you’ve lugged home a bunch of papers, only to have a co-worker urgently need them at the same time. 

It’s clear: documentation in a COVID world must be digital. Let’s go over the main reasons why you should digitize paper documents ASAP. In the end, digital documentation safeguards company paperwork and protects us from the COVID environment of working remotely. 

1. Access paperwork from home

As we work remotely, we need access to paperwork. It’s that simple. By digitizing paper documents, your teams will be able to use all the papers in the company filing cabinet. 

2. Collaborate in real-time

Converting paper documents to digital ones is also a plus for collaboration. Everybody can access digital documentation at the same time. There’s no more frustration about waiting for docs or confusion about what is the latest version. It’s all there online. 

3. Report and track remotely

Digitize paper documents and you’ll get new features. Our favorite is the searchability of documents. Instead of manually paging through documents, you can instantly search docs for what you’re looking for. You can also pull reports on turbo speed. A few clicks and you’re good to go. 

4. Maximize time for productivity

Remote work is all about productivity. The biggest productivity hack you can do is convert paper documents to digital ones. You’ll get back all that time finding docs, looking for the right info and delivering to other stakeholders. Overall, you’ll be able to cut inefficiencies in your daily tasks. 

Worried about the time to transition docs to the cloud? The best way to digitize paper documents is to hire a service like ours, so you can focus on staying productive.

5. Focus on security and access control

As you digitize paper documents, you’ll find that company paperwork is more secure on the cloud than in a closet that everybody can access. In particular, paper trails can make your company vulnerable. Physical documents can easily see wear-and-tear, such as coffee stains, or be improperly filed. In a worst-case scenario, disasters can even destroy records that your company requires to operate—take the Great Chicago Fire as an example.  

Luckily, digital documentation can resolve these security issues. You can manage docs online with cloud-based security and create access controls so that everything stays safeguarded. 

6. Rethink workflows to cut inefficiencies

Without paper, your workflows can become smoother. E-filing, e-signatures, collaboration in real time… these are just a few improvements to workflow that can take place with a digital documentation system. 

7. Create company-wide cost-effectiveness

For companies struggling with the COVID economy, digital documentation also presents an opportunity for cost-effectiveness. It’s a great way to create more productive teams and save during the pandemic. 

At the end of the day, the best way to safeguard your paperwork is going digital. You’ll maximize your productivity and experience new levels of security. In fact, digitizing paper documents can put your company into hyperdrive – and help you conquer COVID remote working once and for all. 

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