Inquiring minds want to know: does errorless data entry exist?

The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. We would say that errorless data does exist – ish. Basically, you can minimize the potential for error. That’s probably as good as it gets. 

Let’s explore the “ish” of errorless data entry and what your company can do to zero error as much as possible. 

What can help reduce data entry error?

The first thing that can help reduce data entry error is to rely on automated systems. Data entry companies are already applying new robo-entry programs that reduce entry time. This is typically a better option than data entry outsourcing that relies on humans. 

However, this isn’t where data entry ends. To reduce error, it’s important that you set up automation with a few key features. When working with a data entry company, be sure that they:

  • Automate data: Using automated programs, such as OCR, for data entry is generally a good idea. You’ll save time and money on the entry process. 
  • Set up error reports: Be sure that within the program, you set up error reports. You’ll want to know when something’s gone wrong. 
  • Back up data on the cloud: Whenever possible, your data should be backed up on the cloud. This will make it more secure. 
  • Create accuracy goals: You should also create accuracy goals for the program. What is an acceptable amount of error for your company? With goals, you can improve over time to get there. 

What can your human staff do to reduce data entry error? 

At the same time, errorless data entry is only possible with human collaboration. In coordination with an automated program, you’ll want to have staff on hand to:

  • Double-check data: Identify errors and find out how they occurred, otherwise the program will continue to make them. 
  • Look for redundancy: A big issue with automated data entry is redundancy. Check to make sure there aren’t double entries. 
  • Monitor progress: See how your company is improving and track how reports are changing over time. 
  • Get trained on tools: Don’t just assume humans know what to do. You need to train your staff to identify the data entry errors you’re most concerned about. 

For best results, you’ll need to coordinate between systems and staff to minimize zero and reach your accuracy targets. Good luck! 

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