Edmonton, Alberta, May 22, 2020—Consentia Inc., a leading provider of professional services and digital transformation announces today that Jonathan Chia has been named President and Partner. Jonathan, who has been a Senior Executive and Consultant at Consentia for the last six months will now assume the new role and investment in the company.

Jonathan is a seasoned business leader with a proven record of delivering results for stakeholders. Having served as CEO and CFO of publicly traded and privately owned entities, he brings the right mix of leadership to ensure we continue to deliver value to Consentia and our clients.

“This is an exciting time for Consentia where we see decades of experience and momentum in North America and great opportunity for future growth,” says CEO Nizar Somji. “Jonathan will provide the right leadership. His expertise in partnerships, technology, and global strategy combined with his strong relationship with our people, make him ideally suited to accelerate our business process automation growth model. I am delighted to be partners again with Jonathan as we take Consentia to the next level.”

“I look forward to helping to expand our capabilities and offerings at Consentia,” said Jonathan. “Over my last few months, I have seen Consentia’s strong business model and a talented team that uniquely positions it in North America. As the industry evolves through AI-machine-learning, automation, and technology migrations, Consentia is able to provide cost effective and secure solutions on Canadian soil to help clients effectively manage their data and automate processes in a way that meets and exceeds shareholder expectations.”

Consentia is growing beyond scanning solutions and professional services, a natural progression from their longstanding success in the field. “Our professional services teams are experts,” says Alim Somji, Executive VicePresident, “ECM veterans, implementing document protocols, migrating physical and digital data to the cloud environment, and delivering content and quality. Businesses today need to proactively streamline processes at a lower cost to be competitive, while safeguarding information,” he continues, “we now automate business functions and data in Canada—decreasing costs, and assuring intellectual intelligence stays intact locally, with no data transfer off-shore.

Consentia Inc. is one of the top professional services and digital transformation companies in Alberta, and an experienced data management company. We deliver the optimal blend of transformational services, people, and technology to help clients retool their organization in a connected model, move quicker, and pursue sustainable growth. Our dedicated team focuses on automation, data organization, and security on Canadian soil.

We have been in business for over 50 years, and branded as Consentia in 2015, a merge between Accurate Data and CriticalControl Solutions – the largest players in data management in Western Canada. With over 5000 satisfied clients, our reputation for quality, due diligence, security, and efficiency places Consentia amongst the upper echelon in the dynamic landscape of information management.