As part of Indigenous History Month, we are proud to highlight Kyle for his exceptional contributions to Consentia. Since joining us in October 2021, Kyle has demonstrated unwavering dedication, leadership, and a commitment to our core values. His journey from a casual Records Clerk to a Senior Team Lead showcases his hard work and passion. Beyond his professional achievements, Kyle’s rich Indigenous heritage and his efforts to support and inspire others within the community reflect the values we uphold at Consentia. Join us in celebrating Kyle’s story and the positive impact he continues to make in our organization!

Professional Journey

Though Kyle’s entry into document management was not always the plan, he quickly realized his passion for the industry. Seeking a change, he applied for a casual office role and found his calling at Consentia. What he enjoys most about his job is the people. “From casual employees to the Senior Leadership team, everyone is welcoming, dedicated, and supportive,” Kyle states. The support and mentorship he received early on at Consentia played a significant role in his growth and career development. Inspired by this experience, Kyle now strives to provide the same level of mentorship and support to others, fostering a collaborative environment and continuously upholding and demonstrating Consentia’s values and culture in every team he leads.

A Day in the Life

Kyle’s typical day involves strategic planning, fostering collaboration, and addressing any challenges that arise. He assigns tasks based on individual strengths, offers guidance, and provides feedback to ensure personal and professional growth. Afternoons are spent updating clients and celebrating the day’s achievements. Kyle is dedicated to nurturing a positive, productive environment and empowering his team to reach their full potential.

Balancing leadership and project management is what Kyle believes to be one of the most challenging aspects of the job. “Fostering a supportive, motivating environment for team members requires empathy, active listening, and mentorship. At the same time, making strategic business decisions, managing budgets, and ensuring project milestones are met necessitates a keen analytical mind and decisiveness.” This is why Kyle believes that successfully integrating these dual responsibilities demands prioritization skills and the ability to switch seamlessly between nurturing team growth and driving business objectives forward. His approach emphasizes continual refinement and adaptability, prioritizing the well-being and development of his team.

Inspired Impact

Kyle has much to be proud of during his time at Consentia. Recognized for his ability to rise to challenges, his proudest achievement is mentoring one of his team members from casual to permanent, to assistant team lead, and finally to team lead. Seeing his team grow has been one of the most rewarding parts of his job. He states, “It brings me great pride as a leader to see my team grow in their careers at the same place that continues to foster my growth.”

Staying motivated and inspired in his work comes from a genuine interest in the positive impact the work they do at Consentia has on individuals and clients. The supportive work environment, clear goals, and continuous learning opportunities keep Kyle focused and bring enjoyment to his day-to-day work.

Community Connections

One of Kyle’s favourite team traditions at Consentia is the monthly celebrations of birthdays and holidays. “The company gathers to show appreciation and recognition to employees during their birthday month and cultural holidays by supplying cards, cakes, and traditional foods. This tradition highlights the company’s value for diversity and contributions from all employees and cultures,” he explains.

Outside of his work at Consentia, Kyle is passionate about donating to charities. He is a monthly donor to UNICEF and donates yearly to the Edmonton Food Bank during their annual food drive. “Growing up in an environment some would consider disadvantaged is why I try to do my part in creating a better future for individuals still in those situations.”

Indigenous Heritage & Values

Kyle is Cree from Bigstone Cree Nation, a signatory of Treaty 8. His Indigenous heritage represents a profound connection to his ancestors and their way of life. It encompasses the traditions, languages, and customs passed down through generations, shaping his identity and worldview. “This heritage is not just a historical background; it is a living, evolving part of who I am as a person. It means honouring the wisdom of my elders, embracing the stories and teachings of my culture, and ensuring they are preserved and passed on to future generations.”

Kyle’s heritage instills a deep respect for nature and the environment, recognizing the interdependence between people and nature that is central to Indigenous ways of knowing. It reminds him to always uphold the values of community, resilience, and respect at the heart of his culture. “I am a believer in empowering oneself in education and personal development and hope to inspire other Indigenous people to want more from life and reach for the stars. We have an obligation to our ancestors who fought hard for the right to exist and our people who are suffering from generational trauma to create a better world for future generations.”

For those looking to recognize National Indigenous Peoples Day and celebrate Indigenous cultures and communities, Kyle recommends connecting with Métis offices or Native Friendship Centres. These organizations offer valuable resources, hold events such as round dances, powwows, elder story time, and soup and bannock gatherings, and welcome volunteers to help the communities. Everyone is invited to participate and learn.